Psalm writing workshop – School feedback

We have also created a psalm-writing workshop, which explains to children how psalms work, and gives them a template to create their own psalm of hope.

The workshop is delivered through storytelling and wondering, and has an accompanying PowerPoint presentation of images from medieval psalters to inspire children to decorate their own psalms.

Staff were asked for feedback and examples of Psalms written by children which are shared below.

Feedback from our teachers in schools

I enjoyed “Watching the concentration on the children’s faces and their sense of awe and wonder“. as well as “ Listening to their deep questioning of the Easter Story and their explanations“.

The children listened well as the lovely storytelling and visual godly play kept their attention“.

Made links to new life to include non-religious“.

“I learnt the technical terms for the format of a psalm”.

The children came up with high quality ideas for writing a psalm for 21st century: Black lives matter, Global warming, corona and deforestation”.

The Godly play set it out so effectively“.

Examples of Children’s Psalms of Hope

Y6 Psalms cover page

Year 6 Psalms