Grants for ‘Children and Young people’ work

The Church Schools of Cambridge offers annual grants to churches in Cambridge to support their work with Children and Young people.  Grants are available to those who require financial support for running normal services, as well as those who have  need of funds for a collaborative project or a special event  they are planning.  Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.


The Church Schools of Cambridge merged with the Jesus Lane Sunday School Endowment Trust  in 2019.

The Jesus Lane Sunday School is an initiative believed to originate in 1827 founded by undergraduates of Queens college. It was set up to give children of the ancient parish of Barnwell (then a suburb of Cambridge, northeast of the city) instruction in the doctrine and practice of Christianity. Barnwell at this time was the poorest parish in the Borough of Cambridge housing over 7000 people. The school was initially based on Paradise Street, but this site became too small and the school moved to King Street in 1833 with permission from the Old Schools of Cambridge.

Recent Grants

Grants fund a wide variety of projects and resources in churches.

Examples of 2018 Grant purchases