Risk Assessment

Walking through Cambridge

General Safety Arrangements

  1. Safety issues to be discussed with adults accompanying trip
  2. Children will be in pairs to walk
  3. All adults are CRB checked via the school (minimum List 99)
  4. Regular safety briefing to the children throughout the walk
  5. Inhalers to be taken for children who require them
  6. First Aid Kit to be taken and First Aider available
  7. Adults to supervise crossing of the road, with an adult blocking each carriageway
Danger/Hazard Precautions to be taken
  • Accidents on walk
  • Roads
  • Safety briefings to children before leaving and regularly where necessary on walk.
  • Route planned to minimise need to cross busy roads
  • Children to be supervised in their groups on walk
  • First Aider accompanying the trip.
  • Crossing the road
  • Only at proper crossings where available.
  • An adult to block each carriageway.
  • Crowds
  • Children to be in assigned pairs with which to walk for the duration of the trip.
  • Adult to always be at back and front of the group.
  • Toilet
  • Public toilets or toilets available for children’s use to be identified (Round Church and Great St Mary’s Church).
  • CRB checked adult to accompany children to toilet

Emergency contact numbers: