Human Rights KS2 – stop 1: The Round Church

At each stop on the walk there will be a story and an activity. Worksheets for children to use during the walk need to be downloaded and printed off at school and brought with you.

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Story One:  Anna Maria Vassa (1793–1797) and her father Olaudah Equiano / Gustavus Vassa (1745–1797)­

The Round Church

This stop takes place at the Round Church and explains the story of Olaudah Equiano a slavery abolitionist, who wrote about his life when he was a slave. It also explains the story of his daughter Maria Vassa who died young, but her memory lives on. Her story helped to spread an important message.

Children will have the opportunity to role play life on board a slave ship and to think about what the stories mean to them.


Background information for teachers

Stop 1 | Stop 2 | Stop 3 | Stop 4 | Stop 5 | Stop 6