Human Rights KS1 – stop 4: The Senate House

At each stop on the walk there will be a story and an activity. Worksheets for children to use during the walk need to be downloaded and printed off at school and brought with you.

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Story Four: Philippa Fawcett (1868–1948)

The Senate House

This stop takes place at the Senate House where Maths students used to come to hear their degree results. It explains the story of Philippa Fawcett who came to Newnham College in Cambridge. Women had been only been allowed to attend colleges for 17 years but could not be awarded a degree and graduate. The year she finished her studies she was unofficially acknowledged as having achieved the best score in Maths. She became a lecturer at Cambridge and was an inspiration to other women. The decision to allow women to get a degree was made just before she died.

Children can make up a slogan for a campaign to say everyone has the right to have an education.

Background information for teachers

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