Footprints of Faith

These are self-guided walks around Cambridge city centre suitable for children of primary or secondary school age.

They are designed to help children learn more about the history of Cambridge and the influence of Christian thinkers. They were developed to support the RE curriculum and encourage cross-curricular links with other key subjects, in particular science and history. Many world-leading pioneers in scientific discovery and social reform have lived and worked in Cambridge over the centuries. Many were inspired by their faith, which the Footprints walks explore.

Schools can book a guided walk at any time in the year on the theme of Human Rights or Science, or they can undertake their own walk using the Footprints of Faith resources. The walks have been adapted to be suitable for KS1, KS2 and KS3 children.

The current themes are Science, Human Rights and Catholic impact. Further ones are in development. For more information, please visit the Footprints of Faith site.