Footprints Walks


These are guided walks around Cambridge city centre suitable for children of primary or secondary school age. They are designed to help children learn more about the history of Cambridge and the influence of Christian thinkers. They were developed to support the RE curriculum and encourage cross-curricular links with other key subjects, in particular science and history. Many world-leading pioneers in scientific discovery and social reform have lived and worked in Cambridge over the centuries. Many were inspired by their faith, which the Footprints walks explore.

Types of walk

The walks have been created to explore the themes of Human Rights and Science and are split into KS1 or KS2.  Schools can book a guided walk at any time in the year.  If you wish to undertake your own walk using the Footprints of Faith resources, contact us for more information.

If you have an energetic class and don’t take too long over lunch you could complete all the stops in one day. However you might want to take your time and cut out a stop. You can also spend just a morning or afternoon on the walk and complete just two or three stops. The stops don’t depend on each other so have a look at the information about the different walks (click on the links below) choose which stops you would like to visit.

Human Rights – KS1
Human Rights – KS2
Science – KS1
Science – KS2

Booking the walk

Let us know the preferred date and time you would like for your walk, and which theme you want to book (Human Rights or Science) and whether this is for KS1 or KS2.  Let us know if you want to complete the entire walk or focus on certain stops.

There are travel grants available to assist schools getting the children to Cambridge.  For more information and to book your walk please email the Church Schools of Cambridge can be contacted at:

Download and print the pupil worksheets

Each stop has an activity connected to the story and each activity has a worksheet for the children. You will need to print one set of worksheets per child.

  Human rights walk worksheets

  Science walk worksheet (KS1)

  Science walk worksheet (KS2)

Do your preparation

We suggest you read through the stories and activities before the walk to familiarise yourself with the topic. As well as the information for each stop there is also ‘background information for teachers’ which you can access via the walk pages. 

On a walk you will need to bring with you:

  • A set of worksheets for each pupil (see links above).
  • A clipboard for each pupil.
  • Writing and colouring pencils for children.
  • Your usual school trip accessories (first aid, mobile, etc).
  • Packed lunch and/or snack (if necessary).

If you have any questions please contact us at: