New! – Free class collective worship resources to support children’s wellbeing in the coronavirus pandemic

  • Wanting to support pupils’ wellbeing in a global pandemic?
  • Unsure how you can lead class collective worship?
  • So much to do, so little time?

New, free resources for class collective worship in Autumn 2020 are being produced by a collaboration between the Church Schools of Cambridge and Godly Play UK. Drawing on expertise in spiritual development and research on reflective classroom worship, these resources will focus on supporting pupil’s wellbeing as they return to school and rebuild a sense of community.

The resource will provide ‘all you need’ plans for eight acts of class collective worship (one each week for half a term), each with a different focus relevant to children’s experiences of the coronavirus pandemic and their return to school. An open, reflective style invites children of all faiths and none to take part on their own terms, and the sessions are designed to help children consider their losses and their joys, their worries and their hopes. The resources will support teachers to provide a meaningful time and space for children to reflect creatively, on their experiences and emotions, both as individuals, and as a class community.

The resources are designed to be easily picked up and used by anyone, or to be adapted to fit the school context or the needs of a particular class. However, to help all teachers to lead these acts of worship as easily as possible, we will be providing short videos (suitable for individual or group training) to support you or your school further.

The first of these free resources will be released on the CSOC website and Godly Play UK networks in the next few weeks. Watch this space and spread the word!

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  1. Hello
    I have been invited to be part of the Teams meeting but I was unable to ‘enter’ any conversation. However I would like to have access to the collective worship resources please.

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